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Washing Instructions 

We recommend washing your A T R I A items at 30*C using a mild, commercially available detergent.​

Please do not use fabric softeners on A T R I A Activewear as the softener clogs up the pores within the technical fabric which reduces it's wicking and breathability. If you use fabric softener by mistake, wash your items again without the softener and they should return to their normal wicking level once the softener has been washed away.

We recommend NOT tumble drying our technical products but instead hang to dry or dry flat. High temperatures within the dryer may destroy the microfibres in the technical fabric and cause the print to split and lift.

Avoid ironing if possible and wash inside-out to preserve the silicone print.

Wash along with other synthetic fabrics and avoid anything abrasive such as denim or garments with velcro and that could be harmful to the fabric or print. 

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